Sunday, December 4, 2011



We know that we must follow the procedural red tapes to get before the Judicial Scholars.  However, in the face of imminent danger to our nation and for the safe protection of our citizens we have decided to act quickly and respectfully request an accelerated review of this case for the threat it may pose to the security of our nation.  We need to protect our land, the USA.  The world is getting angrier by the minute and people are getting itchy specially against Government Frauds and Frauds Upon The Court.  Nearly seven years have passed since our intense suffering began due to the Walton County's torts aided by others in Northern Florida and supported by the courts' actions and inactions.  That is why, we have alleged Ten Frauds Upon The Court.  We do believe that discretionary powers are important and we do believe that the presumption of innocence doctrine is equally important.  However, in the presence of blunt oversights, omissions, broken promises by many levels of Government and the alleged frauds in this case, there must be checks and balances to create a  level playing field and the pursuit of justice for the plaintiffs who incessantly told the truth and who have been deprived of over $15 Millions of appraised properties in addition to lost vested property rights, Estoppel Rights, human rights and fundamental rights.   We had the right to requested Jury Trials as our Constitutional and Divine Rights, which were denied us by the Federal judge.  This case can be compared to a Land mine where one has to cautiously tiptoe to walk through, knowing that at any minute, one of those explosives will pop out in your face.  We believe more importantly that the Constitutional Standing test this case passed flamboyantly and the preponderance of relevant evidence to show cause by the plaintiffs will prevail by far over the standard presumption of innocence rightfully granted to judges in cases like this one. 
This matter demands the immediate attention of judicial and political experts, as a whistle-blowing case would, without any doubt, due to the high level of world and U.S. publicities and the special emphasis of Frauds Upon The Court as alleged in this case.  There are media forces amassed from divers countries and here at home in the U. S. and nobody is happy about the issue of Government frauds as is laid  in the above captioned case.  Consequently, it is proven that our Alleged Ten Frauds Upon The Court are among Seven Billion Three Hundred Ninety Millions websites worldwide.  The world eagerly awaits the High Court’s decision and should it follow justice as we expect, we want to become the emissaries to propagate furthermore the equity of the U. S. justice system around the globe.  Furthermore, our sites with the keywords ALLEGED TEN FRAUDS UPON THE COURT are ranked number #1 on Google among such huge array of sites and the world is a witness to what has happened and anything that will transpire in this case.  The Keywords by “SEO’ technology being ALLEGED TEN FRAUDS UPON THE COURT indicate that there is no more rooms for ovrsights, errors and frauds.  The real controversy will play out in this court as Presumption of Innocence vs. Preponderance of Evidence while we continue to suffer bitterly from all the hurts and hardships inflicted on us.  Our honorable Justices along with our Illustrious President should not jeopardize their tenure over blunt and unintelligent mistakes committed by officers and judicial officers of the court.  We must let the world testify about the uneasiness about Frauds and Frauds upon The Court.  Here is a sample of what is going on in court about Judges that commit Frauds Upon the Court:
Case #1 Legal Schnauzer: Siegelman Judge Committed Fraud on the Court
Case #2 Corruption in Atlanta's Federal Courts
Case #3 Judges Commit Fraud on the Court in Lee County Florida ...
Case #4 Judge José A. Cabranes -- Another Corrupt Judge Hides Talmudic ...
This is just a sample of Federal Judges committing FRAUDS UPON THE COURT. Furthermore, The popularity of Frauds upon the court as of today, December 4, 2011, is staggering. More than Seven Billion Six Hundred millions websites are talking about FRAUDS AND FRAUDS UPON THE COURT and our sites on this issue are ranked number one to our great amazement. This is more than the world's population. It is a sign that the world is sick and tired of Government Frauds and Something is about to erupt if the Supreme Court does not step in to correct the wrong in our view. As for us, we proceed with the words of Patrick Henry in 1775, "give me liberty or give me death." As for you who may be the next victims of FRAUDS.  We possess overwhelmingly the show of political abuses of power, discretion and judicial bias, relevant evidence in this PROPERTY RIGHTS CASE that can assist this court in pursuing justice to keep the angry mod at bay while justice is served adequately.  
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